The Other Stuff

40150 arrives at Bingley with 1E23 1040 Carlisle - Leeds (18/07/1984)

The title's very much tongue-in-cheek so apologies if you're offended! My railway interest probably stems from growing up in a house next to the railway line in Bingley and was no doubt encouraged by a father who'd experienced the last years of steam as a spotter. By the mid-1980s along with most like-minded teenagers of my generation I was out on the 'bash' as often as my cash-flow would allow, and that wonderful era is the subject of the first half of this collection.

Changing tastes and the full-time pursuit of the Brush Type 4s meant that there's very little of the contemporary scene recorded on film post 1990 - which is something I regret now. The acquisition of my first digital camera just over a decade ago though combined with declining 47-activity in recent years has rekindled the more general photographic interest that's no doubt always been there. I'm certainly no match for the experts in this field, but it won't stop me trying!

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