Five Decades of the 47s

Still carrying the 'Sparrow' emblem from its short spell at Stratford, Tinsley's 47367 basks in the morning sunlight at Manchester Victoria (31/08/1991)

To myself and a number of other like-minded folk, the Brush Type 4s are quite simply the finest locomotives ever to have graced the UK's railways. Though there may only be a fraction of the original 512 still around in 2020, the fact that well into their sixth decade they're still capable of doing the job they were built for day in, day out is quite phenomenal. I'm actually a relative newcomer to the '47' world: what had previously just been a passing interest really took hold towards the end of 1990, when without the resources to do justice to the "new engine" game I opted to join the ride whilst there was still a bit of variety left to go at. As I write this nearly thirty years later the party's never really stopped and we're still going to places we could only dream of back then...

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